I got my collarbone pierced today as my xmas and valentines day present from my boyfriend. I now have 11 piercings (yes I know it may be a bit of an overload) and I still only have 2 tattoos (want to get 2 more) and Im going to dye my hair cotton candy pink to achieve my dream of becoming an alternative model.


“My collection shows the two personalities of the same outfit, one a hostile and complex geometrical city representing urbanization and static routine and the other in a natural and free landscape which represents escapism,” Valentina Poletti.
Being in college feels like this video a lot of time. There is the complex world around you and the daily route of homework, papers, research, projects and reading yet the free landscape portrays the freedom and partying and hanging out with friends.


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo x H&M

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is one of my favorite foreign films and even though its being made into an American version it still looks like its worth seeing, I do think though however that Noomi is the better looking and more skilled Lisbeth Salander.
"The line is steeped in deliciously edgy separates from well-worn denim, cargo skinnies, and asymmetrical everything. The collection offers Lisbeth-inspired pieces from head to toe, with a super cozy-looking charcoal hooded scarf, a basic black belt, and several pairs of covetable distressed kicks. Personally, we're putting the long black wool coat with the asymmetrical zipper at the top of our Lust List," (MTV.com).


only took them FOREVER!!

Last week H&M FINALLY opening up on the 16th street mall in Denver, Colorado


mirror body image

Everything about fashion week in NYC I love. The celebrities, shoes, outfits, runway shows, and the craziness of Betsy Johnson doing a split on the runway. This however........I do not approve of. Yeah you can say that it is great that they put Minaj next to Wintour at the Carolina Herrera show but this just doesn't work. Wintour looks pretty pissed off also that they stuck Minaj, as great as a female mc as she is, next to her.
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