A Pretty Bitchin Outfit

After school I went to my friend's house to work on a French video we have to make. After I stayed there for an hour or two I went back home and decided to take some pictures of a cool, fresh outfit that I must wear to school on Monday. I'm wearing old man sunglasses (they don't fit me whatsoever since I'm asian I don't have the bridge on my nose so the sunglasses keep falling down) earrings from Claires, random black cami, Urban Outfitters tee, Aggie corset, Levi jeans, Steve Madden wedges, my usual 3 rings, vintage bracelets, and a Escama Brasil clutch

My favorite clutch that my mom got me for Christmas. The clutch is made out of recycled pop can tabs, and it is really worth checking out their website here

Vintage braclets that my mom gave to me


New Necklace

I got this really cool necklace that looks like it would be a French queen's neck. I got this necklace at Crave for $7.00 and I wore it today with my Urban Outfitters tee


Electric Slide

Pictures from bellazon
p.s. I've started school again so I'm sorry if I'm going to be lacking on my posts but you know how high school is with tests, homework, reports, and school drama


Karl Lagerfeld Fall 09 headphones

These headphones are amazing and they look like they could be a DIY project by taking metal circles and glue gunning it on to the headphones instead of paying thousands of dollars for these. I might have to do it myself at home for a fun project.
Photos from Style.com


Thursday Afternoon

My mom and I went up to the mountains by a college campus to have fun for the day. We went to a modern art museum that was very cool but unfortunately pictures weren't allowed. I'm wearing a hat from Forever 21. bullhead jeans, Marc Jacobs heels, shirt from Urban Outfitters, and a random green cami, and my coach bag

We ate at this amazing resteraunt that had great service and a great wrap around porch that we sat at. I had the fish tacos and my mom had the crabcake sandwhich that we shared

This is the view from where we were sitting in the resteraunt

After lunch we went to this toy shop with tons of toys, puzzles, and games

A row of windup toys

A really cool fork that extends to 2 feet so you can eat off the plate of others. My mom bought this for my uncle because he's always taking food from his son's plates

A necklace that I bought


New Clothes

Yesterday my mom took me to the most wonderful store ever! The Snob Shop had a great selection of clothes for both men and women, they had bridal and wedding dresses, bags, shoes, suits, and belts. The great thing about the shop was the people who worked there. They were very kind and helpful. Another great thing was that almost all the clothes they had in the store were designers for a cheap good quality price. After an hour of shopping my mom and I went to take a tour of a mansion and then I went to get soft contacts (thank you God for letting them fit in my eyes) and then we went to see the movie Ponyo (I highly suggest seeing it) and then we went out to dinner. It was a great day

The shoe rack

I got this amazing shirt/jacket by Candela NYC and I'm wearing it with bullhead jeans, regular 3 rings, long earrings from ??, and my studded Steve Madden heels

A cute wool skirt

I bought this cute pair of Marc Jacobs heels for a mere price of $17.00

A coat that I bought at the shop for the fall

On The Green

Pictures from bellazon
p.s. Sorry if I'm being slow on my posts, but don't worry because yesterday I went shopping at this great store and got some amazing clothes get ready to be wowed in the next post


Studded Love

My mom and I had a great day of shopping at the mall from 11:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. We (more like my mom) got so many things. I scored a great deal on jeans and got 3 pairs of excellent jeans and as you can see from my pictures I just this AMAZING pair of Steve Madden studded heels for a great price of $40.00 instead of the regular $150.00 that they originally were
I'm wearing bullhead jeans, Steve Madden studded heels, random cami, leather jacket that my dad's friend sent me from NY (thanks Ellen) and Little Earth seatbelt/belt, and my usual 3 rings

*goofing off and sticking my tongue out*