zero to hero

I've been having such a whirlwind of a week that I haven't been able to blog or put together a decent outfit. Luckily, the Gods smiled down upon me and delt me a good hand. I got an internship with a local designer in Denver. I got a pair of peep toe Dolce Vita heels for less than a 100$, I made a feather headband and web bracelet, ordered my fox tail keychain (amen Ebay), and I got to do a photoshoot with my friend, Val.

left to right: fox tail keychain, thrifted sunglasses, vintage key holder, finger armor, DIY headband
Wearing: thrifted sweater/sunglasses, fox tail keychain, finger armor, web bracelet, DIY feather headband, target shorts/belt, Dolce Vita peep toe heels, random necklace



To make this fun body top first either buy a pair of stockings or grab an old pair. Cut straight across the middle of the crotch (about half way in). Leave the waistband intact so that the 'shirt' will stay in place, cut the sleeves to the appropriate length, with or without thumb holes..and you're done.
Jesus Christ my legs are so much tanner than my torso.


photo diary

Even though I love visiting other states it feels good to be back home (sometimes) and not have to live out of a suitcase. My first stop was Virginia where I went to visit Virginia Commonwealth University. My family then went from Richmond to Philly where we walked around the Philadelphia University. After walking around that campus for about an hour in 100 degree weather we then rode in the car for about another 4 hours to visit my grandma on Long Island. We also went to the best city in the U.S. a.k.a. NYC. In NYC I got to visit F.I.T.