Happy 2010! I hope that many of you will have a great and successful year. I hope that I will have a great rest of junior year but I can tell you in April I will want to shoot myself because I will have to take the ACT's which will actually count! I have no idea where I'm going to go but I will probably end up staying in Colorado but hell if I could get into a California school I'll go there. I want to get away from the cold and snow.
Thank you for visiting Mattresses and Metal. This is kind of weird to think that this is my last 09 post.
Jacket: BCBG Paris, Dress: Forever 21, Sunglasses: thrifted, Boots: Lord & Taylor, Necklace: Charlotte Russe

Holiday Lights & Animals

Yesterday my mom, dad, and I went to go see the lights at the Denver Zoo and I ended up taking more than enough pictures. These are only a tiny portion of the pictures I took. I hope you enjoy them.

Spot the peacock

I always feel bad for elephants because they also look so sad even though they can be happy

If I were him I would be afraid about falling off the branch

Dori!!!! or is it Dory?


Drawing for Hanh

Arrgh why do my pictures keep coming up sideways, oh well. I'm really getting into the artistic mood. I guess that happens when you've been trapped in the house for 5 days.


Drawing for BB

I was so bored this afternoon I decided to draw a picture for Bryan Boy. I emailed it to him and hopefully he'll get it. If the attachment didn't work I put it on my blog for him


Rodarte for Target

The day before christmas I went out and bought myself these clothes from Target. The material is very strange on the animal print dress and the white dress. It is not soft looking but thick and scratchy but it is really cool. I ended up buying these 3 dresses
I can't wait to wear this dress to a fancy party or resteraunt with my black feather hat that I bought from Forever 21
This dress will be perfect for my trip to Disney World with my band during my spring break


Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas everyone
I hope you found many presents under your tree :)


Going to be a good day tomorrow

One of my favorite designers Rodarte has finally come out with their designs for Target (even though it was on Monday) and I'm so happy because tomorrow I'm going to target to get some of their clothes!!
Here are some pictures of Rodarte's clothes



I just got back from seeing the movie Avatar and it was truly incredible, I kid you not. I suggest you go see it and I'm really glad that James Cameron put a lot of strong women in the movie who were not afraid to fight for what they thought was right. Those kind of women I inspire to be. I don't like the kind of woman who is helpless and can't do anything for herself. Sorry but I like to speak the truth. I wore this outfit to the movie theatre with my friend and her sister.
Shirt: 2 Much L.A., Vest: my moms, Pants: Levi, Boots: Enzo Angiolini, Necklace: self-made



*grr* I want those clothes. Must get a higher paying job
Video credit: Youtube

Beauty and the beast

Beauty and the Beast pictorial, published back in April 2005 issue of Vogue. Drew is simply stunning in this editorial. Looking at these pictures make me want to listen to the song Tale as old as time. Oh wait for it......... Finals Are Done!!! Yeah!!


Victor & Rolf T-shirt = $750?!?!?!

I could get a car with that money. I think it would be easier to make that t-shirt yourself as a DIY project. Hmmm *ponder, ponder*

On so much crack I can't even begin to describe this video, but it has Louis Vuitton in it

See, see I told you.
And to prove my point again about how this year is Alice in Wonderland themed Takashi Murakami did a Louis Vuitton Alice in Wonderland Japanese themed anime video. That's a mouth full



Jeweled Hair

Those gems look super heavy but they are beautiful in the hair
pictures from bellazon

It is about 10 degrees here right now in Colorado. It sucks.