Yesterday I went shopping with my two best friends and I got this beautiful, funky Everwind dress for a great price of $20.00. This dress has beautiful fabric like the cotton for the torso and the light flowing silk on the top and bottom of the dress

I'm wearing this dress with my Nicole flats



Roses Are Green?

I got this new flowing top at Crave and I'm glad I have this because I don't really have any green in my closet. I'm wearing the new shirt by Heart Moon Star, white cami (underneath) and bullhead jeans. I don't have any good shoes for this outfit yet so I decided to go barefoot

I love the print of this shirt


Maison Martin Margiela Shoe Love

I am LOVING these amazing Maison Martin Margiela cut out heels. The shoe is sexy and brings out the curves of the foot and shows just the right amount of skin without over exposing too much

Breezy, Freezy, Summer Day

I woke up today and it was freezing out, the sun didn't come out at all when I went to the farmer's market with my friend Mill and her little sister. Today I wore a black cami, bullhead jeans, sugar boots, Old Navy Jacket (not pictured) and I took with me my new Coach bag I bought yesterday for an amazing price of $43.73. I love my new bag because a. it's pure leather (made in Italy) and so it will last a life time b. I can carry the bag over my shoulder or cross it over my chest c. it is a great designer name
When I was having lunch I turned around and saw these beautiful, fluffy little puppies that were for sale. Bad news is that they are purebreds and they cost $300

The boy who was selling the puppies was kind enough to let my friend Mill hold one of them and I had to snap a picture of them togther



I was browsing fashion blogs (Lulu and Your Mom) and came across this little label from Paris called Sowat. They make really amazing jewelry (like the angel theme pieces above) for the seemingly average cost of 45 Euros. Not bad...

Walking on Water


Hidin in a pillow fort

My creative side took over me this afternoon and I decided to make a pillow fort in my room. I love the dark pillows the best because my neighbor actually made all of them, expect for the cheetah pillow and the white pillow (I made the white pillow on the left side) For my adventure in the pillow fort I wore Liz Claiborne heels, Chan Luu silk skirt and a corset shirt