I would pay any price to get those rings

I'm in love with that skeleton braclet in the picture above

Farmer's Market

I went to the farmer's market today like every tuesday and today was a very good day to go there. It was beautiful weather, not to many people, and a there was a nice breeze in the air

For the market I wore white house black market pants, diba sandals, thrifted shirt, and a black cami

A chic summer dress outside my favorite store, Crave

This jacket looks like something Elvis would wear

A awsome painted car parked outside of the market

This guy had the longest hair I have ever seen!


Will Murai

I would kill to have a super hero designed in their likeness, especially by an artist as particularly awesome as Will Murai. The Brazilian illustrator / comic book colorist has worked for the likes of DC Comics and Marvel Comics. His website is definitely worth it. He has some rad sketches, awesome color illustrations and examples of some of his magazine work. You can even purchase some of his prints and t-shirts with his illustrations


Shoe Crush'n

I'm loving these funky, route Chloe's patent peep-toe booties.
Sorry this is a really random post


Knit Me Something

This awe inspiring dress is called “The Elizabeth” which was designed and hand-knitted by Jemma Sykes, a graduate of the Royal College of Art. Designed for Butcher Couture, specializing in eco-couture, this piece was made with 100% organic wool and naturally dyed pink.
Worn by Maria Mena on her 5th album cover for “Cause and Effect”, this dress has seen press for not just eco-couture but also as fashion forward knit-wear. Pictures from Artistic Things. The dress is now displayed at Harrod’s and the dress was donated by Butcher Couture and was auctioned off to support the Breast Cancer Campaign

Under the Water

Michael Muller a fashion photographer seems to taking things to another level. This is his latest photo shoot for VMan magazine, displaying Spring 2009 pieces by stylist Brian Molloy. Hats off to this photographer for this unique photoshoot. Pictures from Artistic Things


Alice in Wonderland Update

I'm absolutely crazied over the new movie that Tim Burton is doing. The new Alice In Wonderland movie should be coming out in 2010 and I have decided to keep updating people about this movie on my blog with pictures of the characters from the movie. In this picture above it is the sheek Anne Hathaway playing the white queen

left: Johnny Depp (mad hatter) middle: Helena Bonham Carter (the red queen) right: Anne Hathaway (the white queen)


Farmer's Market

This morning was amazingly beautiful and the weather was perfect. It was in the 80's and it was a perfect day to go to the farmer's market with one of my best friends, Mill. For the market I wore a shirt by Four Stars, pants by white house black market, shoes by diba, hat from Forever 21, and my necklace is made out of baby coconut shells that I bought when I went to Hawaii

The back of my shirt

The gods themselves making those mouthwatering crepes

My best friend Mill eating a strawberry and nutella crepe
p.s. thanks for sharing your lunch crepe with me Mill

The coolest, vintage coat I have ever seen!!! I saw this at Crave and I had to take a picture of this amazing coat that I really want to buy when I get my next paycheck

When I was at my friends house the rain crashed down like no other for about 10 minutes

Alice In Wonderland

This fashion photo shoot really caught my eye because I love the old Alice In Wonderland movies and the new movie coming out, directed by Tim Burton, starring Johnny Depp (the mad hatter), Helena Bonham Carter (the red queen), Alan Rickman (caterpillar), Anne Hathaway (the white queen), Christopher Lee (white rabbit) , and Mia Wasikowska (alice)

Pictures from bellazon