mirror body image

Everything about fashion week in NYC I love. The celebrities, shoes, outfits, runway shows, and the craziness of Betsy Johnson doing a split on the runway. This however........I do not approve of. Yeah you can say that it is great that they put Minaj next to Wintour at the Carolina Herrera show but this just doesn't work. Wintour looks pretty pissed off also that they stuck Minaj, as great as a female mc as she is, next to her.
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a whole new ballpark

I've been up at Colorado State University for about two weeks now and its an incredible school but I feel very lost in the crowd. I have met some great people but for the most part I'm an uber shut in. Yeah I go to parties however I don't drink. Its very difficult to have a normal conversation with a drunk person because they like to tell you their entire life story. I am also very disappointed with the guys here. Yeah some of them are extrememly hot but they don't approach you or have the confidence like guys in nightclubs. Oh well, at least my fashion classes are very stimulating.
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