“My collection shows the two personalities of the same outfit, one a hostile and complex geometrical city representing urbanization and static routine and the other in a natural and free landscape which represents escapism,” Valentina Poletti.
Being in college feels like this video a lot of time. There is the complex world around you and the daily route of homework, papers, research, projects and reading yet the free landscape portrays the freedom and partying and hanging out with friends.


The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo x H&M

The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo is one of my favorite foreign films and even though its being made into an American version it still looks like its worth seeing, I do think though however that Noomi is the better looking and more skilled Lisbeth Salander.
"The line is steeped in deliciously edgy separates from well-worn denim, cargo skinnies, and asymmetrical everything. The collection offers Lisbeth-inspired pieces from head to toe, with a super cozy-looking charcoal hooded scarf, a basic black belt, and several pairs of covetable distressed kicks. Personally, we're putting the long black wool coat with the asymmetrical zipper at the top of our Lust List," (MTV.com).


only took them FOREVER!!

Last week H&M FINALLY opening up on the 16th street mall in Denver, Colorado


mirror body image

Everything about fashion week in NYC I love. The celebrities, shoes, outfits, runway shows, and the craziness of Betsy Johnson doing a split on the runway. This however........I do not approve of. Yeah you can say that it is great that they put Minaj next to Wintour at the Carolina Herrera show but this just doesn't work. Wintour looks pretty pissed off also that they stuck Minaj, as great as a female mc as she is, next to her.
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a whole new ballpark

I've been up at Colorado State University for about two weeks now and its an incredible school but I feel very lost in the crowd. I have met some great people but for the most part I'm an uber shut in. Yeah I go to parties however I don't drink. Its very difficult to have a normal conversation with a drunk person because they like to tell you their entire life story. I am also very disappointed with the guys here. Yeah some of them are extrememly hot but they don't approach you or have the confidence like guys in nightclubs. Oh well, at least my fashion classes are very stimulating.
Photos: Trendland


animebarbiefutureisticcandycraziedkid outfit

If you have never heard of Nicki Minaj I'm going to tell you up front that you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years. Most people are use to this female MC as a crazy person who loves to combin futuristic hard looks with bright eye catching colors. Her outfit for the 2011 VMA's is no exception. At least in my personal opinion she looks like a candy crazied kid who is playing dress up for an anime convention as a nurse in an anime comic book that hasn't been able to let go of her inner child (note the plushy stuffed animal, wtf is that plushy thing?) even though this kid is a nurse. The hair and eye makeup is the usual Nicki Minaj but I feel like she was trying to hard with this outfit to be like Gaga, along with Katy Perry who had a yellow cube upon her head. It was very amusing to see Katy try and walk perfectly in order for the cube of cheese not to fall off her head.
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2 Bans + 1 Ant = panic and happiness

I'm loving my new Ray Bans from Tobi.com however everytime I put them in my purse I get paranoid that I left them in a store. Mini heart attacks are now frequent.


Audrey Kawasaki

I love the whismical feel of Audrey Kawaski's art and the look of the girls eyes. You can't really tell if they are going to cry or punch you in the face.


350 Gray by Gray

Spent most of my summer sitting on my bed, watches Youtube videos, clubbing at Beta or Vinyl, drinking out of the actual juice bottles, spending way to much money on clothes, and rubbing tanning lotion on my body because I'm to lazy to go sit outside



Lifetime to Premiere Season Nine of Hit Design Series Project Runway, Thursday, July 28

Read more about Project Runway Season 8 here


ink addicted

This was the most painful experience in my life so far. I'm pretty sure childbirth is somewhere up on of incredibly painful list, along with break ups, abusive relationships, high school (lol).


Cali & Mo

One of my favorite vintage, leather glove, jewelry spilling out of boxes store in Colorado. Everytime I have walked past this store on either the 16th street mall or in Park Meadows I always say to myself "I really want a tutu from here" So yesterday I bought one, thanks to all the graduation money I recieved. Tutu's are so childhood fairylike and I love being able to prance around in them in a tank top with bare feet in a random meadow.

Pic taken from my friends iphone


I kept inhailing the god damn tassel

"A graduation ceremony is an event where the commencement speaker tells thousands of students dressed in identical caps and gowns that "individuality" is the key to success" ~Robert Orben.

In case you didn't know what this quote was hinting at, I graduated high school today at Red Rocks. It'll be nice to get back to working fashion shows and modeling without having to worry about school, until August 18th


the rents can't say no

Besides the superstitions of Friday the 13th and that this post is not posted on Friday the 13, it was a very special day for me. After many long years, I finally turned 18. To celebrate my friends came with me to support me as I got my first tattoo. So much for being buried in a Jewish cemetery.
I chose the word "broken" because I have a broken family, my heart has been broken, my life has been broken (haven't been able to see my real family) and throughout my life I will be broken down, but when I get older and have lived more I will have the word "strong" on my other ear



Of course the 3% AT&T's signal doesn't cover is Evergreen. fml. Need to move to a place where I am able to get the iphone 4g and this custom inspired strawberry cover by Lulu. Good thing I'm going to college in 6 months.
p.s. I need to start dating again