cheetah in a colorado canyon

Another incredible photo taken by Kimberly
Rodarte x Target dress, Steve Madden shoes


Bleu de Chanel

I never would have expected Martin Scorsese (Shutter Island) to direct this new commerical from Chanel starring Gaspard Ulliel


My friend Val invited me to be her model for her school's final project (Aveda Hair Salon). I was uber excited that she chose me and I really liked how this picture turned out. Val's idea for my hair was making it look like it was windswept. For the makeup she put on bright yellow taxi cab looking eyeshadow with a dark rose colored lip. For lunch it was really funny walking out on the 16th street mall with my hair like this. Everyone just stares at you like your from another planet and I'm not tall at all so it felt even more ackward.
Comments from people, "That is quite the bee-hive"-from a businesses man
" Is that really your real hair?" -some lady -no it wasn't my real hair, Val used a ton of fake hair
"I love your hair" - 5 year old
Thanks Val and the photographer of the Aveda Hair Salon for making this a wonderful experience


senior photo

As if I could take a picture like this. With my crap digital camera. Whatever. The INCREDIBLE genius behind this photo is Kimberly Anderson. Kimberly has a studio based in Evergreen, CO and is sought after for her unique ability to capture the personality of her subjects. Kimberly and I had a wonderful photoshoot together, shooting around Red Rocks and Morrison.
Wearing the Sid Turn it Up Down dress by Tricia Hoke


double edge mirror

Went to Lakeshore cafe/ ate a huge veggie omelet/consigned clothes/bought a ring/screwed around in Walgreens with my friend Mill/exercised/stretched/took pictures/painted my nails/ate no dinner/watched t.v.
Random hoodie, fox tail keychain, crapload of rings, DIY web clover bracelet, Target shorts, Forever 21 necklace, and Steve Madden booties


gunmetal and thunderstorms

I swear that the only reason my stomach is lighter than my legs is because there hasn't been any sun in Colorado for the past 2 weeks. It has been raining constantly and we've even gotten hail.

Wearing Ozium shirt, DIY cloth feather earrings, Target belt/shorts, web clover bracelet, crap load of rings, and Dolce Vita heels
p.s. Congrats Mondo for being in the top 3 for Project Runway
Also I think I'm going to get my hair colored even lighter


supermarket chic

Is it wrong to take a creepy picture of this ladies Louis Vuitton bag?


fashion flash mob

This Friday I went to help out Tricia (my internship person) with the Fashion Flash Mob in front of the Denver Art Museum. The mob consisted of local designers from Colorado that were able to sponsor their clothes and designs on their models. The models also had to carry a sign with them that said the name of their designers' store and with the words "designed in Colorado."

The best part of the evening was that I got to meet one of the contestants on Project Runway this season. Mondo Guerra is from Colorado and has been designing since 1999 after winning a contest and getting a job out of it. You can read more about Mondo here