Happy Halloween

I hope all of you enjoy your candy filled pillow case, cavity mouth filled, halloween! I sure will, even though I don't really have a costume. I'll probably just glue some ping pong balls to a hoodie and say I'm cookie monster, but whatever, as long as I get to hang out with my friends! I've put together a spooky, bone chilling, halloween fashion pictures from bellazon


Russian Fairytale

Pictures from telegraph.co.uk

Bow necklace by Reem and Pearl and ribbon necklace by Anthropologie

Dorothy Perkins necklace and Cossack hat



Oh jeez, I haven't put up an outfit post in a long time, sorry about that. I got these great amazing knee high leather boots for $20.00 at a thrift store. For my snow outfit today (btw I suggest you never dress like this if you are planning to go out in the snow, lol) I'm wearing my Enzo Angiolini boots, Four stars shirt, bullhead jeans, snow hat, necklace by American Eagle, finger amour from my grandma and my Katana backpack

p.s. I can't take pictures outside anymore because its beginning to snow everyday now in Colorado so I will have to start taking pictures in my room


Schooled by death

If these pictures don't get you in the Halloween mood, I don't know what will?
Pictures from bellazon