Rae Marie

Meet Rachel Hurst. She is the designer behind Rae Marie, she is Rae Marie. Rae Marie’s clothing line is for the strong, independent woman who wants to stand out in life and create her own runway wherever she goes. The Rae Marie clientele loves glamour and getting dressed up. She is always at a social event and has an outfit for every occasion! Rae Marie can be described as: Flouncy, Flirty, Sassy, Vibrant and Exciting, Rae Marie melds together a Chic, Sexy and Sophisticated aesthetic with an Urban, Hip Hop Sex appeal. Rae is Edgy, Hard and Bold; Marie is Vivacious, Seductive and Romantic. Together they create a clothing line that is full of Surprises, Personality and Style for all shapes and sizes.
For more info about Rae Marie's designs click here
Wow, when writing that last sentence it made me feel like a voiceover for a computer or Progressive commerical.


Cher Ami

Tricia Hoke's fabulous avant garde designs from her new collection Cher Ami. You can visit her Etsy shop here


red leather

Best part about this Zac x Target red leather jacket, it was %50 off!
American Apparel dress, Forever 21 black cross necklace, silver necklace, finger armor, and Steve Madden heels


You are not an American

Whenever my friends and I go out for lunch they always want to eat ice cream. Only problem is that I don't eat ice cream.
Me: Guys, can we go get like a smoothie instead
Michael: Ming, what is wrong with you?
Me: I just don't like ice cream
Michael: What else do not eat Ming?
Me: Hmmm ice cream, coffee, soda, most meats, and anything with gelatin in it
Michael: *stares dumbfounded at me* You are not an American


bad a**

I went to the Tricia Hoke fashion show this Friday where I saw this guy with his bad a** sunglasses.
nuff said.