Breezy, Freezy, Summer Day

I woke up today and it was freezing out, the sun didn't come out at all when I went to the farmer's market with my friend Mill and her little sister. Today I wore a black cami, bullhead jeans, sugar boots, Old Navy Jacket (not pictured) and I took with me my new Coach bag I bought yesterday for an amazing price of $43.73. I love my new bag because a. it's pure leather (made in Italy) and so it will last a life time b. I can carry the bag over my shoulder or cross it over my chest c. it is a great designer name
When I was having lunch I turned around and saw these beautiful, fluffy little puppies that were for sale. Bad news is that they are purebreds and they cost $300

The boy who was selling the puppies was kind enough to let my friend Mill hold one of them and I had to snap a picture of them togther

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