Painted Veil

I'm really sorry about my lack of posts, but school has been taking over my life and plus last week was homecoming week and I was caught up in that and that our football team sucks because they lost our homecoming game with a great (note the sarcasm) score of 47-0.
For my pictures I'm wearing a dress that I would have worn to the homecoming dance but I hate the dances and plus I didn't have a date (that's ok, cause half the guys are jerks in my school). The dress is from white house black market, earrings from claires, scarves from China, shoes by Steve Madden, and note the new necklaces. I won them from Hanh in one of the give-aways

I also crimped my hair for fun

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  1. AHHA very cute outfit posts..as if your football team is that bad!!!?!


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