zero to hero

I've been having such a whirlwind of a week that I haven't been able to blog or put together a decent outfit. Luckily, the Gods smiled down upon me and delt me a good hand. I got an internship with a local designer in Denver. I got a pair of peep toe Dolce Vita heels for less than a 100$, I made a feather headband and web bracelet, ordered my fox tail keychain (amen Ebay), and I got to do a photoshoot with my friend, Val.

left to right: fox tail keychain, thrifted sunglasses, vintage key holder, finger armor, DIY headband
Wearing: thrifted sweater/sunglasses, fox tail keychain, finger armor, web bracelet, DIY feather headband, target shorts/belt, Dolce Vita peep toe heels, random necklace

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