My friend Val invited me to be her model for her school's final project (Aveda Hair Salon). I was uber excited that she chose me and I really liked how this picture turned out. Val's idea for my hair was making it look like it was windswept. For the makeup she put on bright yellow taxi cab looking eyeshadow with a dark rose colored lip. For lunch it was really funny walking out on the 16th street mall with my hair like this. Everyone just stares at you like your from another planet and I'm not tall at all so it felt even more ackward.
Comments from people, "That is quite the bee-hive"-from a businesses man
" Is that really your real hair?" -some lady -no it wasn't my real hair, Val used a ton of fake hair
"I love your hair" - 5 year old
Thanks Val and the photographer of the Aveda Hair Salon for making this a wonderful experience

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