animebarbiefutureisticcandycraziedkid outfit

If you have never heard of Nicki Minaj I'm going to tell you up front that you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years. Most people are use to this female MC as a crazy person who loves to combin futuristic hard looks with bright eye catching colors. Her outfit for the 2011 VMA's is no exception. At least in my personal opinion she looks like a candy crazied kid who is playing dress up for an anime convention as a nurse in an anime comic book that hasn't been able to let go of her inner child (note the plushy stuffed animal, wtf is that plushy thing?) even though this kid is a nurse. The hair and eye makeup is the usual Nicki Minaj but I feel like she was trying to hard with this outfit to be like Gaga, along with Katy Perry who had a yellow cube upon her head. It was very amusing to see Katy try and walk perfectly in order for the cube of cheese not to fall off her head.
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