Gino Velardi Fashion Show

Yesterday I went to the Gino Velardi Fashion show on Friday the 13?!?!?! That would probably explain why the show started 30 minutes late! When my dad and I got there it was kind of sad because we were going to have to sit on the 4th level and look down on the show, but then my dad got us free tickets. So we went to hand the lady our tickets when my dad spotted one of his client's friends. She then told us to sit right behind her and it was amazing because she was such a lovely and kind person and we were sitting in the second row right where the models pose!!!

Left to right: Patrica (she use to be a cover girl model at the age of 15) Bhea is the representative of all the fashion in Denver, Me, and one of Bhea and Patrica's friend

I also got the pleasure of meeting Brandi who also works for Fashion of Denver. She and I are both adopted and it was very funny because she suggested that we have an Asian adopted fashion party together.
p.s. For the show I wore a fur jacket, Dana Buchman sequin shirt, Levi jeans, earrings from Claire's, and Steve Madden studded ankle boots

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