In Narnia with a dress and camera???

I don't know about you guys but every Sunday night I watch The Amazing Race and I wanted to shoot Sam and Dan in the face for being such douche bags to the Harlem Globetrotters. It was not right for Dan (I think it was Dan) to not tell Big Easy the answer to the question, when Big easy was telling him every answer he got. Ahhh they make me so mad!!! I couldn't if Brian/Ericka or Meghan/Cheynne won, just not Sam and Dan.
Anyways.....getting off topic
I took these pictures today and I was freezing my ass off and when I was running to get to the chair I slipped and it that really sucked. At least my shoes didn't get ruined :)
Hat: thrifted (Crave), Necklace: thrifted (Crave), Dress: White House Black Market, Coat: faux fur, Shoes: Steve Madden, Camera: Idk

Smile :)

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