Alice in Wonderland Update

I'm absolutely crazied over the new movie that Tim Burton is doing. The new Alice In Wonderland movie should be coming out in 2010 and I have decided to keep updating people about this movie on my blog with pictures of the characters from the movie. In this picture above it is the sheek Anne Hathaway playing the white queen

left: Johnny Depp (mad hatter) middle: Helena Bonham Carter (the red queen) right: Anne Hathaway (the white queen)


  1. wow they look amazing!!

  2. i'll watch out for this :)
    mind checking my blog?

  3. hi, i just went to see this film two days ago- it's a bit strange, but it's still really good tweedledum and tweedledee and the mad hatter and alice are my favorite characters and i like the couloful mushrooms and talking flowers!the white queen is very beautifal and the chesire cat is the srangest cat ever.the way it dissapears and then comes back gave me a fright!

  4. hi i love alice in wonderland i like the mad hatter and the twedle twins and Alice.i loved it when the mad hatter done a really funny dance! i was laughing so hard!!!!!!! and then the caterpillar turned into a beatiful butterfly it was a brilliant movie by johhnny depp.


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