Thursday Afternoon

My mom and I went up to the mountains by a college campus to have fun for the day. We went to a modern art museum that was very cool but unfortunately pictures weren't allowed. I'm wearing a hat from Forever 21. bullhead jeans, Marc Jacobs heels, shirt from Urban Outfitters, and a random green cami, and my coach bag

We ate at this amazing resteraunt that had great service and a great wrap around porch that we sat at. I had the fish tacos and my mom had the crabcake sandwhich that we shared

This is the view from where we were sitting in the resteraunt

After lunch we went to this toy shop with tons of toys, puzzles, and games

A row of windup toys

A really cool fork that extends to 2 feet so you can eat off the plate of others. My mom bought this for my uncle because he's always taking food from his son's plates

A necklace that I bought

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