Little Black Dress

I bought this dress a couple days back and I was so happy to have it for a. a great price ($35) b. great brand name (white house black market) c. it fits me perfectly and I think it looks great on me d. I feel good in it
Since all the pictures I tried taking weren't coming out the way I wanted them I made this cheesey video so that people could see all the angles of the dress. With the dress I'm wearing a necklace from Forever 21 and Liz Clairborne heels


  1. Hey sweetie,
    YAY to your new dress! It looks amazing on you! A very wonderful basic! I had so much fun watching this professional video - you should support the girls on Asos.com! You do it FAR better and you could show them HOW to present an item properly!! :-D
    Wishing you a fantastic day!
    xoxo, Sofie


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