A Pretty Bitchin Outfit

After school I went to my friend's house to work on a French video we have to make. After I stayed there for an hour or two I went back home and decided to take some pictures of a cool, fresh outfit that I must wear to school on Monday. I'm wearing old man sunglasses (they don't fit me whatsoever since I'm asian I don't have the bridge on my nose so the sunglasses keep falling down) earrings from Claires, random black cami, Urban Outfitters tee, Aggie corset, Levi jeans, Steve Madden wedges, my usual 3 rings, vintage bracelets, and a Escama Brasil clutch

My favorite clutch that my mom got me for Christmas. The clutch is made out of recycled pop can tabs, and it is really worth checking out their website here

Vintage braclets that my mom gave to me


  1. I've added you to my personal blog roll ; )

  2. ooh wow!
    nice clutch- very cute

  3. loving the outfit!
    totally wearable to school too!
    the lace corset is such a unique add!



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