Mothers Day // DIY Shredded Tee // Comedy Club

Yesterday on Aug 7 my family went out for dinner for a very very early Mother's Day. My mom likes to pick a different day other than mother's day to celebrate because when it's mother's day every resteraunt gets filled up like crazy. We went to dinner at a wonderful Japanese resteraunt. After we went to a improv comedy club.

For dinner I had the Tekka bowl, which had raw tuna, rice, and mushrooms

I took a picture of my DIY shredded tee in the bathroom of the comedy club. haha I know kinda tacky but hey the shirt turned out really cool. I think...

The improv comedy club that we went to


  1. Hey sweet Ming,
    thanks for your lovely comment.
    WOW - you did a great job, the shredded tshirt is the BOMB! Hehe, I had to smile about celebrating mother's day on another day than the public holiday! We're doing the same here as well. I LOOOOVE Japanese food (hm, gettin hungry now....) I've added your blog to my blog roll btw.
    Again, enjoy the weekend!! xoxo, Sofie

  2. Beautiful shredded T! How the hell did you do that? I tried it one time and ruined three shirts! Thumbs up!

  3. mmm, the tempura looks oishii! I am suddenly so hungry....

  4. Is that seriously t-shirt material?! It's very akin to Rodarte's mohair sweaters and tights. Nice work!



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