New Clothes

Yesterday my mom took me to the most wonderful store ever! The Snob Shop had a great selection of clothes for both men and women, they had bridal and wedding dresses, bags, shoes, suits, and belts. The great thing about the shop was the people who worked there. They were very kind and helpful. Another great thing was that almost all the clothes they had in the store were designers for a cheap good quality price. After an hour of shopping my mom and I went to take a tour of a mansion and then I went to get soft contacts (thank you God for letting them fit in my eyes) and then we went to see the movie Ponyo (I highly suggest seeing it) and then we went out to dinner. It was a great day

The shoe rack

I got this amazing shirt/jacket by Candela NYC and I'm wearing it with bullhead jeans, regular 3 rings, long earrings from ??, and my studded Steve Madden heels

A cute wool skirt

I bought this cute pair of Marc Jacobs heels for a mere price of $17.00

A coat that I bought at the shop for the fall

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