Studded Love

My mom and I had a great day of shopping at the mall from 11:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. We (more like my mom) got so many things. I scored a great deal on jeans and got 3 pairs of excellent jeans and as you can see from my pictures I just this AMAZING pair of Steve Madden studded heels for a great price of $40.00 instead of the regular $150.00 that they originally were
I'm wearing bullhead jeans, Steve Madden studded heels, random cami, leather jacket that my dad's friend sent me from NY (thanks Ellen) and Little Earth seatbelt/belt, and my usual 3 rings

*goofing off and sticking my tongue out*


  1. I love this look..the jeans and boots are perfect.

  2. sweet boots.
    but i love the belt as well.

  3. That jacket is absolutely heaven! The belt is extremely creative too! Love the look, darlin'.

  4. what a cool casual Look!!


  5. oh you jammy thing! i love those boots, there's just like the topshop amelie's i longed for last year, but more wearable. amazing.


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